About LSBC Tribunal Adjudicators

Adjudicators, or members of the LSBC Tribunal, make up the panels and review boards that hear and decide LSBC Tribunal cases. Adjudicators may be benchers (lawyers elected regionally by the legal profession and non-lawyer members of the public appointed by the provincial government, who govern the Law Society), or appointees (qualified lawyers and members of the public recommended by a selection committee and appointed by the benchers). Appointees are lawyers or esteemed members of the general public with diverse backgrounds. Most appointees serve for a four year term with an option to be appointed for a further four years. All lawyer adjudicators are volunteers and are reimbursed only for reasonable expenses. Non-lawyer adjudicators receive a modest per diem in addition to being reimbursed for expenses. The appointment criteria for public and lawyer adjudicators sets out their key competencies and duties.

Each hearing panel or review board is chosen by the Tribunal Chair, with an eye to such factors as representation and experience. Hearing panels usually comprise three adjudicators. Review boards comprise five adjudicators. When there are multiple adjudicators on a panel, one of the adjudicators is assigned to lead the panel as chair. The appointment of hearing panels and review boards is in the discretion of the Tribunal Chair. When possible, the Tribunal Chair exercises that discretion in accordance with the following appointment protocol.

Below is a complete list of LSBC Tribunal adjudicators, along with their biographies.

Adjudicator Code of Conduct

The Code of Professional and Ethical Responsibilities for Tribunal Adjudicators outlines the rules of conduct expected of adjudicators. It establishes appropriate standards of conduct in typical administrative justice circumstances.

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