Chair’s Roundtable

About the Chair's Roundtable

The Chair’s Roundtable is a meeting held twice a year at which the Tribunal Chair obtains feedback from the public and those who regularly practise before the LSBC Tribunal on the LSBC Tribunal’s policies, processes, practice and procedures.

The goal of the Chair's Roundtable is to make the LSBC Tribunal more transparent and effective. It is not a forum to discuss individual cases, substantive issues of law, the content of the rules of conduct or Law Society processes outside the LSBC Tribunal. To see the Chair's Roundtable Terms of Reference, click here.

If you have suggestions on how we can improve our website or hearing processes to better serve the public, please use our online Feedback form.

The Roundtable is currently composed of the following members:

Individuals who regularly appear before the Tribunal as counsel:

William G. MacLeod, KC

Mandana Namazi

Michael Shirreff

Angela Westmacott, KC

Public Representatives:

Mayette Ostonal

Tribunal Representatives:

Sandra Hayworth-Farmer

Alison Kirby