Hearing Files and Decisions

Matters that come before the LSBC Tribunal are decided by a motions adjudicator, hearing panel or review board.

Below you will find case documents which the LSBC Tribunal has posted to the website. The documents correspond to hearings which were active as of January 1, 2022. Older decisions are located on CanLII. Information about a lawyer's past discipline history or practice restrictions is also set out in the Lawyer Directory on the Law Society website.

Notices and citations initiate a proceeding before the LSBC Tribunal, and in most cases, lay out what the Law Society, licensee applicant or lawyer is seeking or alleging. There are a variety of different notices, including notices of review, notices of motion to vary interim conditions or suspension and notices of referral for a hearing.

Orders or directions are made by the LSBC Tribunal at various stages of the proceeding and may relate to such things as disclosure of evidence, privacy concerns, deadlines for filing documents, start dates of suspensions or costs.

Decisions are issued by the LSBC Tribunal after a hearing on the merits or in some cases, after a preliminary application. They set out the hearing panel or review board's reasoning in making a decision. In licensing matters, they will explain why an applicant has been permitted to practice law or why their application has been refused. In conduct hearings, they will explain why the panel has dismissed the case or, alternatively, has made an adverse determination and imposed a specific sanction.

Set out below is a list of most recent documents filed with or issued by the Tribunal Office. To access the lawyer's or applicant's complete hearing file, click on the lawyer's or licensee applicant's name.