Obtaining Transcripts and Exhibits

How can I obtain hearing transcripts or exhibits?

Subject to the Legal Profession Act, the Law Society Rules and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, any person may, at their own expense, obtain a copy of a hearing transcript or exhibit that is open to the public. The written consent of the Executive Director may be required for the use of the transcript or exhibit in any proceeding. 

The process to obtain a transcript or exhibit is as follows:

  1. A request for a transcript or exhibit is made to the Tribunal Office;
  2. The Tribunal Office makes inquiries and advises the requestor of the process and cost of obtaining the transcript or exhibit;
  3. The cost of obtaining transcript or exhibit is paid in advance by person requesting it – cheque to be made payable to the Law Society of British Columbia;
  4. Upon receipt of funds, the reporting service is asked by the Tribunal Office to prepare the transcript;
  5. The transcript or exhibit is reviewed and redacted by the Law Society for solicitor client privilege and client confidentiality in accordance with Rule 5-9(3) of the Law Society Rules;
  6. The (redacted) transcript or exhibit is released to person making request.

 The process normally takes around 45 days.