Lawyer: Chiasson, Douglas Bernard
File Number: HE20210004
File Date: Mar 10, 2023

Order made: March 10, 2023 by the Hearing Panel

Douglas Bernard Chiasson

Upon consideration of the materials filed in connection with the Respondent's application to adjourn the disciplinary action hearing scheduled for March 17, 2023, the hearing panel orders that: 

  1. The adjournment is granted;
  2. The hearing will be adjourned generally, to a date to be fixed as soon as possible;
  3. The parties will provide their availability for the next six months (May-October 2023), for a one-day hearing, to the Tribunal Office, no later than March 24, 2023;
  4. The medical report of Dr. Robert Ley, and any other material the Respondent wishes to rely on at the hearing, will be served on the Law Society on or before April 11, 2023; and
  5. The new hearing date will be peremptory on the Respondent.