Prehearing Order

Lawyer: Guo, Hong
File Number: HE20200031
File Date: Feb 16, 2023

Order made: February 16, 2023 by Lindsay LeBlanc

Hong Guo

At a prehearing conference held on February 16, 2023 and on hearing J. Kenneth McEwan, KC and Saheli Sodhi, counsel for the Law Society and Timothy M. Pritchard, counsel for the Respondent, the motion adjudicator orders that:
  1. By consent, the facts and determination hearing scheduled for April 11-14, 2023 is adjourned generally on the condition that the parties set the matter down for four days by March 9, 2023; and 
  2. If the parties are unable to set down hearing dates by March 9, 2023, they shall attend a further prehearing conference on March 9, 2023.