Lawyer: Schaefer, David Leslie
File Number: HE20220024
File Date: Jul 14, 2023

Order made: July 14, 2023 by Lindsay R. LeBlanc

David Leslie Schaefer

Upon consideration of the materials filed in connection with the parties' joint application to apply for a hearing in writing, the motions adjudicator orders that:
  1. The Law Society and the Respondent's joint request to convert the hearing on the merits of this matter into a hearing in writing is granted;
  2. The hearing dates, which are currently July 17-21, 2023, are vacated; and
  3. The parties' written materials shall be provided to the hearing panel on the following schedule:
    1. The Law Society will file its written materials by July 17, 2023; 
    2. The Respondent will file their written materials by August 4, 2023; and
    3. The Law Society will file a reply, if any, by August 4, 2023.