Citation - Brett Robert Vining

Lawyer: Vining, Brett Robert
File Number: HE20220023
File Date: Jun 06, 2022
Citation issued:June 6, 2022

Brett Robert Vining 

Citations are authorized by the Law Society of BC's Discipline Committee and list allegations against a lawyer that will be considered at a discipline hearing. Please note that allegations in a citation are unproven until a discipline hearing panel has determined their validity.

Nature of conduct to be inquired into:

  1. On or about September 16, 2020, during and after an examination for discovery you conducted of a female opposing party, CK, in a family law matter, you did one or both of the following:

    1. made statements which were discourteous, uncivil, offensive, or demeaning, contrary to one or more of rules 2.2-1, 5.1-5, 7.2-1 and 7.2-4 of the Code of Professional Conduct of British Columbia (the “Code”); and

    2. engaged in harassment by your inappropriate conduct or comments towards CK, that you knew or ought to have known were unwanted, and could have the effect of violating CK’s dignity, contrary to rule 6.3-4 of the Code.

This conduct constitutes professional misconduct, pursuant to section 38(4) of the Legal Profession Act.